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Participation Conditions

General Terms and Conditions to participate in our raffles and sweepstakes

of Roberto Geissini Verwaltungs GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “”

1. Organizer, Scope of Application, Acknowledgement of the General Participation Conditions

1.1. The present participation conditions shall apply to the participation in all raffles, sweepstakes, and lotteries conducted by on the radio, on TV, in movies, and other electronic and digital media, etc., including multimedia applications and online media as well as print media.

1.2. shall reserve the right to issue specific participation conditions for individual raffles. Those will be made available on the respective website of the corresponding raffle.

1.3. The raffles are organized by Roberto Geissini Verwaltungs GmbH, Max-Planck-Str. 4,D-50858 Köln, Germany. If applicable, any co-organizer will be listed separately. Any messages to shall be directed to the following e-mail address:

1.4. By participating in any raffle organized by within its aforementioned services, the participant explicitly acknowledges the present binding participation conditions.

1.5. The definition of “raffle” shall include sweepstakes, lotteries, and prize draws.

2. Right to Participate

2.1. All physical persons shall be entitled to participate, provided they are at least 18 years of age and reside within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2.2. Employees of, employees of co-organizers of the respective raffle, and all persons currently or formerly involved in the organization of the respective raffle shall be excluded from participation. The same shall apply to first and second-degree relatives (Section 15 of the German Fiscal Code) of the aforementioned persons as well as their cohabitation partners.

2.3. Every person may only participate once per raffle.

2.4. Participation in any raffle may require the purchase of merchandise, a service or similar acquisitions (Federal Court of Justice, decision of 05 October 2010, ref. I ZR 4/06). If the procedure allows for it, an alternative way of participating will be described in the annotations to the respective raffle.

3. Procedures

The exact procedures of any raffle shall be communicated to each participant by the respective service of; if applicable, as part of specific participation conditions (cf. clause 1.). Such procedures may include inter alia start and termination of the raffle, procedures of participation and selection, questions or tasks.

4. Participation via Phone/ Costs
Participants may participate in writing or via phone in any given raffle using the phone number(s) provided respectively. Calls to a hotline with the area code 0800 from the landline may be subject to city or long-distance rates. Rates, however, depend on the way of communication as chosen by the respective participant (net/ provider). Connection charges only occur upon acceptance of a participant’s call (if applicable, by answering machine). While hearing a dial tone or a busy signal, no costs will incur. Please make sure to check your phone habits to avoid unpredicted costs.

5. Prize
Payout of non-cash prizes or exchange of such prizes shall be excluded. Prizes and claims thereto shall not be transferrable. Unless provided otherwise by the respective service, the non-cash prize shall be delivered free of charge. Any prizes of co-organizers or sponsoring services shall only be offered by in their respective names. In any such case, shall neither be responsible for timely or complete delivery of the prize nor for any defects in quality or defects of title.  shall not be liable for any default of payment by the co-organizer and the consequences for the raffle. The prize as pictured or orally described in the raffle description
of may differ from the actual item. Deviations in type, color, equipment, etc. are possible.

6. Exclusion of Participants shall reserve the right to exclude participants from the raffle for different reasons, including but not limited to violations of the participation conditions, manipulation or attempted manipulation of the procedures of a raffle or game or upon use of other illicit means. shall be entitled to exclude participants who are likely to express illegal statements, including but not limited to inciting or slanderous statements, from all services and events of (such as interviews of the winner on the radio, on TV or the Internet).

7. Exclusion from the Prize Draw
In the event of subsequent determination of an existing cause for exclusion under clause 6. or clause 2. shall be entitled to exclude the corresponding participant from the final prize draw.

8. Disclosure of Name, Promotion may publicly announce the name of the winner on the German TV show “Die Geissens”, on the websites and, and on other directly associated websites, unless prohibited by the winner. The winner shall agree to be reasonably available free of charge for audio, photo, image, and text promotions on the radio, the Internet, and in print media. The winner further agrees to the written and visual publication of their contribution for the purpose of the specific raffle procedure.

9. Cancellation of the Raffle shall reserve the right to cancel any raffle at any time. This shall apply in cases of force majeure or due to other organizational, technical or legal reasons preventing the execution or continuation of the raffle. However, no claims of the participants against shall arise from such cancellation.

10. Liability

10.1. shall not be liable for false information disclosed or expressed by participants or third parties (including co-organizers of in the course of distributing information regarding the respective raffle.

10.2. does not guarantee the links and references given in the course of any raffle to be correct or complete.

10.3. shall not be liable for malfunctions of technical installations, for delays or interruptions of transmissions or for damages from the participation in the raffle or the acceptance or use of the prize, unless or their agents commit willful or grossly negligent acts. Any claims for compensation due to damages to life, health, and body or due to violation of material contractual provisions shall remain unaffected.

11. Oral Information vs. Written Participation Conditions
Should the content of any oral information given by the services (e.g. banner ads) deviate from the aforementioned general participation conditions or from the specific participation conditions of individual raffles, the provisions of the general participation conditions or the specific participation conditions shall prevail, respectively.

12. Changes of the Participation Conditions shall reserve the right to amend the participation conditions at any time.

13. Privacy Policy
Personal data of any participant shall only be stored and used for the purpose of execution and completion of the raffle. Unauthorized disclosure to third parties and the commercial use of such data shall be prohibited. After completion of the raffle, all personal data of the participants shall be blocked and deleted in the course of the usual technical routines. Any participants shall be entitled to withdraw their consent to their participation in the raffle, the storage, and the use of their data at any time. Please direct any such request for withdrawal to However, such deletion of data by withdrawal of consent precludes participation in the raffle and the subsequent prize draw, if applicable.

14. Final Provisions

14.1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

14.2. Any deviations from these participation conditions shall require written form. The same shall apply to the waiver of the written form requirement.

14.3. Should any of the aforementioned provisions be or become invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or partially, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected and a substitute provision shall be implemented. The same shall apply to gaps.

14.4. Place of execution and jurisdiction shall be Wetzlar, Germany, unless otherwise required. In any such latter case, the residence of the defendant shall be place of execution and jurisdiction.

14.5. Legal remedies shall not be permissible.

15. Provider of the Raffle

Provider of the raffle:

Roberto Geissini Verwaltungs GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 4
D-50858 Köln

Commercial register HRB 107877; Local Court Cologne
Managing Director: Carmen Geiss

Phone: +49 (0) 2234 9570715

Dated: March 2016